2010, 27 or Death Makes an Artist
Angie turns 27 and is anxious that she may not become a famous artist and die at the peak of her career like her idols Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix; before her 28th birthday.

Angie wastes her life as a student in Prague, and drifts into a dead-end with her artistic ambitions, and with her family. She decides to disappear for a while. Angie’s literature teacher has recently spoken in glowing terms about the symbolism of Kalevala, and has told her that he owns a lakeside property in the Finnish lake district.

A family up in Northern Finland lives an ecological and somewhat chaotic life. In a rural forest village lives mother, father, their three children, and of course Mr. Pig, the pet pig of the youngest child. The family’s life shatters when Angie moves into their sauna cabin, searching for artistic inspiration.

Alexandra Salmela’s debut novel is a fusion of different genres. It is a charming mixture of tragedy, comedy, farce and the self-irony of a young girl’s coming of age. All the characters are mocked, and the reader’s sense of humour are stimulated when Angie’s attempts to navigate the field of Art crash and burn, one after the other.

Salmela's debut novel speaks in a unique voice. It cleverly combines a central European scallywag story with a Finnish folk tale.

“The author’s fluent storytelling and unusual disposition are unlike anything we have experienced so far on these altitudes. Adding a touch of the unusual makes the young female Finn’s odyssey much more interesting! You have to read this book till the end to find out.” Helsingin Sanomat

”Salmela is a funny author who hits at the core of what it is to be Finnish.” Ellit

Finland, Teos
Denmark, Gyldendal
Italy, Piemme
Czech Republic, Argo
Slovakia, Q111
Poland, W.A.B
Hungary, Scolar