Author: Anni Kytömäki
Anni Kytömäki (b. 1980) was trained as a nature surveyor. She has worked in non-government organisations and as a musician. She likes to take walks on the ridges, swamps and moss forests of old Häme, where she was born, to listen to the wind and to seek trails to stories that just might have been true. Goldheart is Kytömäki’s debut novel.

Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize for the best debut novel of the year 2014
Finlandia Prize 2014

2014 Goldheart

“Goldheart, weighing in at 644 pages, provides the reader with a stunningly beautiful story. This debut novel is well structured. There is nothing extra, even the smallest things and scenes are well thought out. Anni Kytömäki’s prose is exceptionally beautiful.”