2014 Goldheart
Goldheart is a story about a man who lies down on a rock, intending to freeze to death. It is about a woman who writes to change the world, about a girl who grows up with more courage than her father. It is about a boy who finds a swan’s nest and catches the scent of the bear’s passing, conquers his own fear and meet the wild, free heart of the forest.

It is Spring 1917. Erik Stenfors, child of a wealthy forest owner from Helsinki, meets Lidia, a working class girl who has moved to the city from a cabin in the woods. Their relationship does not grow, and Erik starts to look for a new direction in life. While others join the Red Guards or the Civil Guards, the politically neutral Erik heads to the Northern wilderness and takes up the position of a forest warden. Spending the winter in complete isolation surprises the trained nature scholar. Even bigger surprises lie in store, as in the spring Erik
returns to Helsinki. Finland has become independent and Lidia is now an outlaw.

Anni Kytömäki uses small, precise brush strokes to paint an epic story made glorious by the writer’s deep knowledge of nature and folklore. This debuting novelist uses controlled, light prose. This restful novel, timeless in its humanity, consists of artfully constructed scenes and twists created by the unexpected and whimsical nature of life itself.

Goldheart is shortlisted for the prestigious Finlandia Prize. It was also shortlisted for the Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize for the best debut novel of the year 2014.

Finland, Gummerus

2014 Goldheart