Author: Asbjørn Jaklin
Asbjørn Jaklin (b. 1956) is a bestselling, highly acknowledged non-fiction author from Norway. During the last decade he has specialized on war- and postwar history, stories with a strong narrative drive and a thorough and reliable research. His previous publications include titles such as "A history of Northern Norway", “The Northern Front”, “Ice Front. The cold war in the north”. His books have been translated into several languages. For “The Northern Front” he gained a nomination to the Brage Prize for best Norwegian non-fiction book in 2006.

With his planned quality crime series set in Tromsø and Northern Norway, he aims to reach a new and broader readership while he continues to cherish readers who enjoy his history writing. His suspense fiction will show the drama and tensions that always envelop this rough and vulnerable region of the north, both in our time and in times of war, cold and “hot”. For many reasons Northern Norway appears to be in the spotlight of the superpowers again and again – either in battles for resources and territories, in shady military operations or in the ongoing political power plays.

Asbjørn Jaklin lives in his hometown, Tromsø, together with his wife and children, five in total. He works as a journalist at the newspaper Nordlys. Jaklin is also a passionate grouse hunter and angler and enjoys telemark skiing in the wild mountains of the Troms-region.

New quality crime series from the rough and vulnerable North.


There was a bloody war on the Second World War’s Northern Front. The Norwegian journalist Asbjørn Jaklin writes about Hitler’s great venture in the book “Hitlers nordfront [Hitler’s Northern Front]. Brilliant history writing.