Author: Espen Holm
Espen Holm works as a storyteller and fiction writer. He was born during the uprising in Berlin in June 1953. He grew up in Oslo. Three years old he managed to escape from his kindergarten. The police found him late at night. Since then he has been out there, searching for solutions. As he puts it: “If what you do, doesn’t work, try something else.”

Holm was educated in Germany. He has spent several years with IBM before he decided to set up his own IT-company. Since then he has also founded a management consulting company and Elixir Publishing. During his varied career he has baked bread, sold computers, designed ads, worked as a programmer, written non-fiction, taught computer science and told corporate stories and trained managers to tell theirs.

He lives with his wife in Kolbotn, just outside Oslo. In winter you will find him running cross-country in the snowy forests with his black Labrador. In summer he spends his time on a small island in the Oslo Fjord where there are no streets, no shops, no electricity. Here he works on his new fiction stories. Espen Holm is deeply inspired by myth and the oral tradition of storytelling.


«I devoured YERSINIA and would like to recommend the book to publishing houses all over the world. The novel has ingredients, characters and a narrative drive which makes it capable to appeal to a great amount of readers.»
- Jostein Gaarder
This could happen in real life, the plot is perfectly possible to carry out.
- The author