Author: Hanne Kristin Rohde
Hanne Kristin Rohde is Norway's most frequently profiled police official, and she is much noted for her open and genuine communication style.

She is fearless and direct and is often known for involving the Norwegian population in her police work. Under Rohde's influence, the Norwegian police agency assumed a new role — a face — as well as the confidence that things were getting done and cases were being solved. As a result of her efforts, she was named Person of the Year for Oslo in 2010. From her position at the capital's main police station, she highlighted key political topics which also appear in her debut novel MØRKE HJERTER.

Rohde was educated as a lawyer and has worked in the police force since 1989. In 1994, she became the Prosecuting Director for the Oslo Police District and in 2002 she became a top official for the Oslo Police. Starting in 2008, she began working as the division leader for violent and sexual crimes in Oslo.

Following the terrorist attacks in Norway on July 22, 2011, Rohde worked as the administrative leader on the investigation and has since led investigative teams covering a number of other large murder cases in Oslo in the following years. Her last much-publicized investigation was the Sigrid-case, one of the most brutal and agonizing murder cases in Norwegian history.

After 25 years in police service, Rohde decided to turn a new page. At a request from Kagge Forlag, she decided to write her first crime novel, MØRKE HJERTER. Though far from biographical, the novel's protagonist, Wilma Lind, arguably shares much in common with the author.