Author: Helena Sinervo
Helena Sinervo was born in Tampere in 1961 as the only daughter after four older brothers. As her siblings were significantly older than she was, Sinervo spent her time playing alone and climbing up the birch tree opposite her childhood home. The author recalls writing her first poem at the tender age of three by the kitchen table, but would not engage in serious writing until the age of 12.

It was also during that time that Sinervo first heard some famous classical music compositions, which made a strong impression on the young girl. She decided to pursue music professionally. At the age of 25, Helena Sinervo received her piano teacher qualifications. As a pianist she was, however, consumed by such a paralyzing stage fright that the appeal of literature gradually exceeded that of music. Helena Sinervo has since undertaken university studies in literature and writing classes at the Critical Academy in Helsinki.

Following the publication of her debut novel in 1994, Sinervo has published over twenty pieces of writing and translated several literary works into Finnish. Her poetry has been translated into 22 languages and her novel In the House of the Poet has been awarded the Finlandia prize. She has also received the Dancing Bear prize for the best poetry collection in 2001 and 2011 for Resembling a Person and Songs of the Wrong Kind, respectively. Prince Ahava and the Riddle of the Locket is Sinervo’s first work of prose for children - and for those young at heart.


"Helena Sinervo takes traditional animal fantasy stories to a modern setting. By their mere presence, Prince Winsleigh’s many animal friends illuminate the story. The fairy tale adventure takes you along with it."
- Kaleva