2012 Prince Winsleigh and the Riddle of the Locket
orig. Prinnsi Ahava ja riipuksen arvoitus

The red-haired Prince Winsleigh was just a baby when he was left by the staircase of the Panria castle. Lying in a sleigh with a black watchdog by his side, the infant Prince was found by Queen Caramella. Twelve years later, on the day before Christmas Eve, the royal court gathers together to celebrate Prince Winsleigh’s holiday. During the festivities, Prince Winsleigh discovers a locket and a letter hidden inside the sleigh, and learns the truth about his parentage and why his mother, the widowed Queen Esther, was forced to abandon her son.

The letter also states that the locket found in the sleigh is magical. It will grant its bearer success in all pursuits, and its power is something the cruel Emperor Tombtribe of the neighbouring country desires for himself. Tombtribe has conquered the neighbouring land of Spoonia, where he reigns like a dictator while his personal fortune builds up interest in foreign bank vaults. Following the discovery of the locket, Queen Caramella informs Prince Winsleigh that he is no longer safe in her court. Emperor Tombtribe knows about the locket and has decided to acquire it for himself. To be safe, Prince Winsleigh is forced to flee the castle and escape to Hermit Wizard of the Lower Lake.

It is during the dark of the night that the saddened Prince Winsleigh must take his dangerous leave. He is accompanied by a colourful ensemble, which consists of the wise and well-connected crow Hoddag, the feisty cat Jacky Chilly, and the honest Piggy Diamang. But where are they really leading the boy and who is he really able to trust?

The first part of the two-part Panria tale provides suspenseful and insightful fiction for readers of all ages. In this first fairytale novel by Helena Sinervo, an ensemble of imaginative characters and lively, witty and playful language rejoice and frolic. The novel, which combines fairy tales and fantasy, will be followed by a sequel later on.

‘The pleasant tale about a small yet determined prince and his eloquent friends engages and entertains the reader until its very end.’ Hämeen Sanomat

‘The skillful author’s original language does itself justice. The diverse cast of characters enables linguistic fireworks that reach their peak at the Merry Courtpoet’s nonsense-toned whimsiness.’ Pohjalainen

‘Prince Winsleigh is a children’s book that is a suitable read for adults as well.’ Satakunnan työ

Finland, WSOY
Denmark, Turbine