2014 Prince Winsleigh and the Secret of the Throne
Prince Winsleigh and the Secret of the Throne is a sequel to the first Panria fairy-tale novel. The prince’s loyal animal friends, the paragliding Queen Caramella and the mean ruler of Spoonia, Emperor Tombtribe, will once again join in on the adventure. The Secret of the Throne is an adventure tale that mixes fairy-tales and fantasy for readers of all ages. The rights of the first installment have been sold to Denmark.

Prince Winsleigh finds himself amidst a new adventure when Piggy Diamang accidentally casts a spell that crumbles the Mighty Locket of Sombre Souls to white dust. While Jolly Courtpoet, Jacky Chilly and Piggy Diamang head to Lewden to return the bone butler and the Probe of Sombre Souls, Prince Winsleigh journeys towards the Convent of Purgatories’ Gorge, where he believes his biological mother dwells at. During his quest, he meets Linda, the daughter of Spoonia’s Foreign Secretary, and Marissa, who lives among bandits and aspires to get a new home from a nunnery.

But what kind of schemes have Linda’s tutor Bloke Bunny and housekeeper Cloudy Ockroach plotted for Prince Winsleigh? And will Queen Caramella ever be able to tempt the ruler of Spoonia, Caine Tombtribe, to sit down on the throne at the Mausoleum of Eternity, so that they can derail him from power?

Finland, WSOY
Denmark, Turbine