2016 The Grace Shore
orig. Armonranta

An author called Helena receives an invitation to go and see her dying father. Accompanied by her partner she starts driving towards the hospital. A few years before, Helena received a briefcase from her father, containing legal transcripts and records from the post-war years 1945-1949, cassette tapes recorded by her her father, and Helena’s grandfather’s journal from the years of the First World War. From these ”documents”, the unique love and revenge story between a paper engineer serving in the Russian army, Helena’s father’s mother and their descendants, is revealed, along with the unpredictable effects it had on the family’s inner relations.

The story of the family is told through small story fragments and via dialogue. The novel also touches upon the present day: in Berlin, a divorced woman escorts her young daughter to school on the subway train, telling her stories of her childhood in 1960s Tampere to pass the time.

The Grace Shore grows into a great tale about the chain between generations, the memories, the power of stories as well as the importance of forgiveness.

Pages: 403
Publisher: Tammi
Published: March 2016