2015 About Sex and Mathematics
orig. Seksistä ja matematiikasta

For her whole life the Finnish-born, Germany-based mathematician Erika has avoided darkness, insanity, humidity and disgusting smells. When she is attacked by a colleague, her life changes. About Sex and Mathematics is a tale of young people amidst modern crises. The protagonist is forced to match the perfect beauty and the beautiful perfection of mathematics with her own confusing and erratic body, her friends, her relatives, the ragged world of people. The novel was awarded the Kalevi Jäntti literature prize and Tulenkantajat export prize. It was also shortlisted for the European Prize for Literature in 2016.

Pages: 476


”Iida Rauma masters the use of the main ingredients in the novel-form: the ability to create complex characters and to describe their emotional world and experiences, and the skill to keep up the tension of the story while keeping the structure ethereal. The bright, mathematical way of expression, everyday speech, Northern slang and the chattering of a mentally disabled individual seemingly blend in to the depictions of the deepest emotions and mind-sets of the novel’s characters. Out of this, the great theme of the novel rises like beautifully sounding overtones: there is no norm of a person.” The prize board for the Kalevi Jäntti literature prize

Finland, Gummerus