Author: Jari Järvelä
Jari Järvelä (born 1966) originally became a teacher but has worked as a full time author for almost 20 years now. Järvelä has written 14 novels, three plays, eight radio plays and two librettos for the opera.

Two of Järvelä’s novels have been nominated for the Finlandia Prize. He received the Finnish State Prize for Literature in 2007 for his novel trilogy The Weight of Water, Little Heaven and The National Landscape. His novel Romeo and Juliet was shortlisted for the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2009.


“If a literary prize sweepstake was organised, my bet would be that with the same novel, Järvelä would win both the Finlandia Prize and the Clue of the Year Award for the best detective story of the year. […] The Girl and the Bomb is a novel that can be enjoyed as an honest thriller, but it also brings a lot of joy to both friends of high culture and social activists. An exceptionally successful book.”
- Kansan Uutiset
“Jari Järvelä’s debut thriller hits you like a sucker-punch. The energetic text takes you to a world where primitive reactions prevail and speed is a prerequisite for staying alive. A carefully ripened body of work full of stirring depiction of our time. Järvelä is at his punchiest.”
- Etelä-Saimaa
“Järvelä shines through as the runner of a vendetta that is both intense and fast-paced in its turns. The rooftops of the city and the deserted industrial estates form a chillingly efficient warzone. The reader might find the deeper meaning of the book afterwards, after the gory night fog clears away to make way for the morning.”
- Keskisuomalainen