2014 The Girl and the Bomb
orig. Tyttö ja pommi

During the night, a small Finnish town changes into the kingdom of graffiti artists. One of them is a 19-year-old girl called Metro. Her worst enemies are CCTV cameras and security guards whom she calls Rats.

During one paint job at the railway yard, everything changes. Metro and her boyfriend Rust are surrounded by guards. From the roof, they drop Rust to his death. The event is considered an accident and the culprits get away with it. Bitter Metro decides to revenge her lover’s death.

Jari Järvelä’s fiery thriller The Girl and the Bomb dives into the world of graffiti painters and to night-time roofs and alleys that are controlled by different laws than those that rule in our cities. The Girl and the Bomb is the first part of a trilogy featuring Metro as the main character.

”The Girl and the Bomb works. It has been written in a relaxed manner and funnily as well, and simultaneously in a way that it is almost impossible to put the book down. Järvelä’s text has a tight social and even political ethos.” Helsingin Sanomat

“The novel is fresh and appealing, and it takes a political stance – not matter-of-factly but in an assertive manner. The young artists win sympathy points, but their violent resistance is not directly justified. […] With his thriller, Järvelä hits at the core of current topics. I believe the novel will attract readers other than the impenitent friends of detective stories.” Anu’s Amazing Travels (Anun ihmeelliset matkat, blog)

“I waited for the book for two weeks and read it in six hours. […] The book sucked me in. […] The read was an all-out, thrilling and manic experience. However, I am the most gratified about the fact that in just 20 hours, the book has messed up my head this way and filled it with strange thoughts. It has made me miss the seaside.” Tillman (blog)

"The narration hooks the reader and tempts him to read the book in one sitting: the first-person narratives that drill into the minds of the graffiti artist and the security guard take the story forward by reciting the events in an overlapping manner on in succession. The characters of the book detach themselves from the paper and come to life because both Metro and Jere are such complex characters. The emotional and the family life of the narrators arouses empathy, and the way both of them tell their stories appeals to both to the heart and the brain. Slowly, as the story gathers speed, the dark tones of the characters turn black." Tuijata (Blog)

"From the get-go, Järvelä takes the reader along in such a way that you really don't want to put the book down. The Girl and the Bomb is an excellent novel. It offers action and suspense as well as fascinating character depictions from both sides of the graffiti culture. Another feather to add to Jari Järvelä's cap." Kirjavinkit - Book Tips (Book Blog)

Finland, Crime Time
Germany, C. Bertelsmann (Random House)
English world-wide, Amazon
Czech Republic, Argo
Portugal, Editorial Presença