2008, The Greedy And The Innocent
Orig. Ahneet ja viattomat

“Give me a place in the world.”

Fourteen brisk stories of love and human relationships. Young women grope their way through the experience of first love. Young men ponder how to get by in the world. A couple has a power struggle at a Thai boxing exhibition. A young security guard at a shopping is put through the acid test.

Sexual greed and sympathetic innocence meet. Images of possible and impossible love reveal themselves in the familiar moments in couples’relationships. The characters in all of the stories share an observant, analytical way of looking at the world and their own place in it.

Konstig records small movements in the human mind with rare precision. His subtle narrative nimbly dodges the crux of the matter and meanders along its own stubborn path. The writer shows particular strength in his astute use of dialogue.

The Greedy and the Innocent is Konstig's debut work.