2011, All Is Said
Orig. Kaikki on sanottu

Death must have a face that can be hit

The father of a family has met an untimely death. The story shows three ways of coping via the children. The eldest sibling, Toma, is studying at university. He speaks Japanese and considers himself a member of the elite. The intellectual young man finds his soul mates at the submission wrestling rink. He dares not ask his mother how his father had died. The middle sibling, Henriikka, has a breakdown. She takes drugs. Then the drugs take her, and the daughter of a good family ends up with the wrong crowd. The youngest, Samu, blames himself for his father’s death. After military service, he applies to join the peace keeping force in Afghanistan, where death is ever-present.

All Is Said is a tense, carnal and stark novel. It captures perfectly the megalomania, unbalance and defiance of youth. The sharp narration culminates in a skilful dialogue, during which the participants keep more hidden than they are willing to divulge.

Joonas Konstig is an author with a strong opinion of people. In his novel, the Karamazov brothers meet Fight Club.


“A promising debut is sometimes followed by an overly wound up intermediate work, sometimes a pretentious artsy novel. And sometimes by nothing but silence. And then there are some like this, where after a successful opener the real piece opens up, sung in a full-throated voice, rich and eloquent. Joonas Konstig’s All is Said gloriously exceeds the ample promise that his aptly named debut, The Greedy and the Innocent, showed three years ago.” Parnasso

"All Is Said is a gripping, skin-deep description about the harsh world of young adults where hope does, in the end, also dawn." Me Naiset

Rights sold:
Finland, Gummerus