2013 The Truth About Women
orig. Totuus naisista

A novel about addiction and father’s worst fears.

The Truth About Women is about Tapani, Roosa’s father. It is about a high school-aged Roosa and a young man she develops a crush for. It is about women – and men, who try to love them. Tapani is well off. As a chief financial officer of an international company, he is at the top of his career. He has a smart wife and two fine daughters, both of which are very different and both of whom the father loves in his own way. Every evening, the family gathers around a dinner table, but all is not well. Slowly Tapani discovers how little he actually knows about the reality of those closest to him. Roosa’s boyfriend becomes a problem for the whole family. As a feeble onlooker, Tapani finds himself following a force of nature called life.

Joonas Konstig writes clear, bold phrases and a strong story that will suck the reader in. The Truth About Women is a harsh and fateful description of our time, an analysis of the human animal, a view on immortality.

Finland, Gummerus