2015 Perkele
orig. Perkele

At the end of high school, the school workshop performed a musical and Reko asked Miikka to play the lead guitar. That was Reko’s last memory of Miikka – his expression then. It was as if he had asked the plainest girl in school to dance.

Twenty years later Miikka is Kris Liedes, the lead singer of a world-renowned heavy metal band, with the craziest fans on the scene, a villa in L.A. and Lemmy’s number saved on his phone. Reko is a veteran from Afghanistan, and his life has stood still after the war. After a phone call, Reko sets off to become Miikka’s so-called bodyguard for Total War’s world tour. Life is just high school with money.

Perkele is simultaneously an international and unbeatably Finnish modern novel, where people are endlessly stirred up, and characters wander around the world’s mansions and look for people who would not hurt them. It grows into a great tale about a world that is constantly becoming more hedonistic and asks what the price of pride is. Joonas Konstig writes uncompromisingly precise prose about the meaning of death and the necessity of love.

Finland, Gummerus