Author: Lars Lenth
Lars Lenth (b. 1966) is Norway’s undisputed number one when it comes to fly fishing for trout. For television-viewers both in Norway, Sweden and Denmark he is known for the travel program «På fisketur med Bård og Lars», a series which has been transmitted to Norwegian, Swedish and Danish television on several occasions. Lars Lenth created and played the main role in the television-series «Fluehue», he has also made a number of dvds on flyfishing, such as «Tørrfluelandet 1, 2, 3» and «Sjøørretlandet».

Lenth is also a musician, and has played in the rock bands «Fuzzbaby» and «Gjengangerne» and in the in house-band «Gass» in the humour program Åpen post for NRK.

He has written several books on fly-fishing, and is also a well-reputed translator of novels and non-fiction to Norwegian, for instance of Carl Hiaasen and Christopher Moore’s books. Lars Lenth had his literary debut in 2007 with the novel «Den samme elva» (The same river), a fly fishing novel which describes a young man’s experiences through a season of fishing at the river Skrukkedalsrenna in Skrapdalen, perhaps Norway’s best river for fly-fishing trout. «Den norske pasienten» (The Norwegian patient) is his second novel, a witty and wise book on some extravagant characters in Bærum, just west of Oslo, Norway’s richest municipality – the borough all Norwegians love to hate. Lars Lenth has grown up and lives in Bærum.

Fiction and non-fiction titles:

2011 Den norske pasienten (f)
2010 Fortellingen om Liverpool (n-f)
2008 Flufiskerens Felthåndbok (n-f)
2008 Fluemønsterleksikon (n-f)
2007 Den samme elva (f)
2007 Fluehue (n-f)
2003 Fiskelykke (n-f)
2003 Ingenting å skrive hjem om (n-f)
2001 Flyt (n-f)
1998 Over Bekken etter ørret (n-f)