Author: Laura Gustafsson
Author and script writer Laura Gustafsson (born 1983) studies Dramaturgy at Theatre Academy Helsinki. She also has a degree from the Department of Finnish Literature at Helsinki University.

This year Gustafsson has been working full time. She has written a radio play, short stories, her first novel, two original plays, as well as participating in numerous other projects. The radio play, Madly in love, stirred feelings of disgust, even amongst Gustafsson's own family members. An elderly aunt enquired after her niece’s mental health when she heard the excerpt where a woman has sex with a man whilst eating him alive.

There is lots of violence in Gustafsson’s other works too. In Whorestory, people's hearts are ripped apart and their body parts are chopped in a waste grinder. In Gustafsson’s thesis work, Anomalia, a mother beats her child until it dies. No theatre in Finland has as yet been willing to stage a production of Anomalia. The uniting factor in Gustafsson’s work is that the oppressed are given a voice, including child slaves, prostitutes, and people working in menial jobs, prisoners, and women. Gustafsson adds animals to the list of the oppressed. She is an owner of two cats, and is vegan.

Whorestory is based on one of Gustafsson’s plays by the same name. The novel was nominated for the Helsingin Sanomat Debutant of the Year Prize, and is also nominated for the Finlandia Prize. The novel was praised for its fresh style, humour and wisdom.


Whorestory is a literary Kill Bill – a celebration of revenge dressed in an absurd and sexy costume. When blood and sexual organs are tossed about in sufficient measure and with enough street cred, the reader will start smiling. They novel contains few jokes however.”
- Turun Sanomat
"What makes Gustafsson's debut novel special is its fun, explosive and unpredictable language. She brilliantly combines different styles of writing and parodies the manner of speaking of young women. Her expression is at times wild, but is always carefully considered. Even though the text may appear naive, Gustafsson's knowledge of the mythologies of different cultures, and of the subjects which she writes about, will disarm the reader." Aamun kirja / YLE