2016 Warrior of Wilderness
orig. Korpisoturi

Ahma moves to the eastern border of Finland to become a self-sufficient recluse. He prepares for the end of the world – The End of the World as We Know it, aka TEOTWAWK – but it happens sooner than he can wait or hope for. The collapse of society cuts off all communications and correspondence is reverted to an act between two people. The power is with those who take it. Unlike most people, Ahma is prepared: he plans to stand on his own ground, a gun in his hand, and to resort to his stockpile.

Although Ahma is independent, relentless and self-sufficient, he drifts into a small pack and becomes its member. Ahma perceives other people as hellish, but is loneliness worse yet?

Laura Gustafsson’s third novel investigates people in all their wretchedness, smallness and endless beauty. It is a study of survival strategies, communities and how, in a short period of time, people have lost their touch with land, the foundation of everything. Warrior of Wilderness looks at the current state of Finnish society and asks, what actually constitutes Finnishness.

Pages: 257
Publisher: Into
Published: October 2016