Author: Margit Walsø
Margit Walsø (b. 1968) had her literary debut in 2007 with the historical novel “Dear Voltaire”, a story about the mathematician Emilie du Chatelet and her passionate relation with Voltaire. Walsø’s writing reveals a sincere interest for European history, especially the century of the enlightenment.
Margit Walsø comes from a small industrial town in Western Norway called Sunndalsøra. She studied both Science and Literature before entering the publishing business. Today she lives in Oslo with her husband and two daughters.
Walsø has worked as publisher in Det norske Samlaget for many years as head of the literary department. She has published both Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s books and Academic books.
Today Margit Walsø is director of NORLA, Norwegian Literature Abroad.


Impressive - both in style and content. A literary debut worth waiting for.
- Anne Carine Straume, NRK
Margit Walsø makes an impressive debut with this little novel ... a forgotten woman of science is brought into the light in a beautiful and well written way.
- Guri Hjeltnes, Verdens Gang
Emilie du Châtelet was tough, and she went very far in following her own passions in a time when women had little freedom compared to men.
- The author