2004 Suspicion (1st book in the Underworld trilogy)
Orig. title: Epäilys

The viciously mutilated body of a female jogger is found in Helsinki. The case bears all the indications of a sex crime, but inspector Markus Falck suspects other links.

Elsewhere, private detective Arto Vaara is hired by a female client to shadow her cheating husband. Vaara catches him in the act and photographs him. In both cases, the protagonist seems to follow the instructions of a mysterious lay preacher called Haalo. Who will get there first, the killer in search of a new victim, or the police in search of the killer?

The events of Suspicion take place in different parts of Helsinki. The novel manages to be at the same time blunt and sensitive. It deals with difficult themes such as guilt, exhaustion, relationship crisis, and personal responsibility.


Suspicion is strong, human, and psychologically crafted. It is widely considered to be one of the most significant detective novels of the past decade.” Helsingin Sanomat

"The Finnish detective genre is given a new lease of life by this novel, which offers a profound portrayal of man. It mixes everyday life with humour and sadistic violence." Kaleva

Suspicion leaves a strong impression on the reader. It has plenty of humour and unexpected plot developments.” Ruumiin kulttuuri