2007 Christmas Story
orig. Joulutarina

Has it ever occurred to you that even Santa Claus was a child once? Christmas Story reveals Santa’s secret childhood and tells us how a little orphan boy grows to be the Santa everyone knows. Christmas Story is about unselfish giving and the joy it brings. It is also a touching tale about the difficulty of loving and fear of losing someone.

A few days before Christmas a 5-year-old Nikolas loses his parents and his little sister in an accident. The people in a fishing village nearby all want to help Nikolas, but they are poor and no family can offer the orphaned boy a permanent home. So it is agreed that each family takes the boy in for a year at a time.

Nikolas decides not to get attached to anyone again. He fears he would not bear losing someone again. Over the year, however, Nikolas learns to trust the friendly family and with Christmas approaching, he wonders how he could thank the kind people for their care. He decides to carve out wooden toys for the children. Moved by the happiness such humble presents bring to the children Nikolas promises to make presents again the following Christmas.

By the time Nikolas is thirteen, he has already spent a year with each family of the village, and is faced with none of the families being able to afford to take him for another year. The villagers have no choice but to send Nikolas away to live with Iisakki, a crumpy old carpenter, and to be his apprentice. Iisakki’s cabin is grim, but hidden underneath the floorboards is Iisakki’s amazing workshop. Gradually, Iisakki and Nikolas, who’d both long been without someone to love, become very close, like a father and a son.

Nikolas faces loneliness again when Iisakki passes away. Only the thought of Christmas brings comfort, and this is when Nikolas understands what his life’s mission is to be.

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Finland, Gummerus
Germany, Rowohlt
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Italy, Feltrinelli
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Japan, Kodansha
Lithuania, Nieko Rimto
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Germany, Rowohlt Theater Verlag