2010 Life for Sale
Orig. title: Kotirauha

Life for Sale is a story about Sami Luoto, a forty-something husband and father with a dream. He wants to succeed, like his own father had before him, and build a handsome house for his family. In order to achieve this dream, Sami establishes construction company. The economic outlook is good, and it seems like nothing could possibly go wrong.

The world economy however goes belly up, and the houses Sami has built with borrowed money end up unsold and empty. Sami has to fire his labourers while his pile of unpaid bills grows day-by-day. The bank runs out of empathy for his financially struggling enterprise. One morning Sami finds a note at one of his building sites that says “die, shit!”. When a total stranger breaks into his home and beats him up in front of his family, Sami can no longer hide his problems from his wife. In order to save his family and restore his honour, Sami decides to take control of his own destiny with the help of his younger brother Santtu, a policeman, and small-time-criminal Jere. Before Sami realises that the situation is out of hand, he finds himself in the middle of a hostage drama. Things culminate when Sami is thrown out of his own home by his wife, Sari, who decides that she has had enough of her husband’s recklessness. Sami cannot see a way out his situation.

Life for Sale is a captivating novel. It delves into the fate of a group of individuals and tackles some serious modern-day social issues: What is the measure of love and success? Can a man fail and try again? Despite its hard-hitting subject, the book contains plenty of humor, and has an ending that promises hope.