2013 Filth (3rd book in the Underworld trilogy)
orig. Saasta

Marko Leino’s Little Angels is a sequel to the novels Suspicion and Trap. It is the standalone conclusion of a stellar trilogy – a fierce tale about modern European human fates. The main characters are Mikko and Tiina, a married couple whose teenage daughter, Saana, has disappeared and is found murdered. Mikko and Tiina try to continue their lives and marriage, but their child’s death changes everything. Mikko begins to investigate the disappearances of other girls as well. He believes that they have all been caught by the same serial killer. Because the police don’t believe him, he decides to solve the case himself.

Following the best Nordic traditions, Marko Leino has written a terrific, shivery study about the dark side of a man and the modern society, in which all problems are global. What happens when people only have instrumental value and the most righteous of all adults has a dark secret to hide?

It is impossible to put this book down although it frightens during the read.

Finland, Teos