Author: Matti Rönkä
Matti Rönkä (born 1959) grew up in northern Karelia near the Russian border. Later on he moved to Helsinki to study political science and became a journalist. He has worked as a journalist in magazines, the radio as well as TV. Matti Rönkä is one of the most familiar faces on TV since he works as a news anchor for the YLE TV. Rönkä lives in Helsinki with his wife and his children. The books of Rönkä have been acknowledged especially for their humoristic language that contains a sharp societal point of view. Rönkä was awarded with the Finnish crime novel prize in 2006 as well as the German prize for crime fiction (Deutscher Krimi Preis) in 2008. Furthermore, Rönkä was awarded the Glass Key Award (Glasnyckel) in 2007.

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"Viktor Kärppä is a great invention by the Finnish writer Matti Rönkä. Kärppä is a wild departure from the ordinary soft and noble protagonists of detective stories."
- Tages-Anzeiger (Switzerland)
"...fascinating characters from a part of the world we know all too little about. The finest thing, however, is the impressiveness of Rönkä's narrative – it is almost masterly."
- (Germany)
"Matti Rönkä possesses that most important tool of a writer, a voice of his own. The text is flowing and economic, but not too dense or dry. The settings in the book are credible. The Soviet Union of the protagonist's youth, and the Finland and Russia of his present, provide an opportunity to observe society with a critical eye."
- Glass Key jury about Friends Far Away