2002 A Man With a Killer's Face
Orig. title: Tappajan näköinen mies

In the first book of the series, A Man With a Killer's Face, a husband hires Kärppä to find his lost Estonian wife. The well-paid job wreaks havoc with Kärppä's orderly life and suddenly nothing is as it used to be. Before he knows it, Kärppä has been drawn into the international drug business. A new girlfriend, Marja, brings additional color to his life. For this independent-minded academic woman, Kärppä's businesses seem shady to say the least, and do not bode well for a healthy relationship.

A Man With a Killer's Face was the runner-up in the competition for the title of the best crime novel of the year in Germany. According to the jury, Rönkä's book shows that 'Finnish crime fiction is not as gloomy as in the other Nordic countries, but has a more joyful, Karelian streak to it.' The jury also noted the political topicality of the novel set in Helsinki, Tallinn and Russia, since crimes linking Finland with Russia and the Baltic countries have not been addressed before in fiction. A Man With a Killer's Face was third in the Deutscher Krimi Preis shortlist of best crime fiction of 2008.

"An effective story and amazing diving into the Scandinavian society." Le Parisien (France)

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