2003 Good Brother, Bad Brother
Orig. title: Hyvä veli, paha veli

In the second novel of the series, Good Brother, Bad Brother, Kärppä's girlfriend Marja travels to the United States to continue her studies. Linked only by e-mail their love starts to fade, but there are plenty of fish in the sea. When Kärppä meets Helena, a woman with a family of her own, things just seem to drift to a certain point. Kärppä's spirit may be willing, but the flesh proves to be weak.

Enter Aleksei Kärppä, Viktor's elder brother, who intends to move to Finland in the footsteps of his successful kid brother. The mess is ready when lethal super-heroin is found in Helsinki and Viktor's brother is the prime suspect. The St Petersburg mafia tolerates neither middlemen nor their brothers. Viktor has no choice except to start looking for the real source of the heroin.

When Good Brother, Bad Brother was published in Germany, it immediately rose to the top of the German critics' shortlist.

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