2007 The Father, The Son and The Unholy Ghost
Orig. title: Isä, poika ja paha henki

In the fourth novel, The Father, The Son and The Unholy Ghost, Viktor Kärppä finds himself trying to sort out trade in illegal labour. Pavel Vadaev from Russia wants a better life. When he is offered a dream job, he moves to Finland. Naturally, the offer is too good to be true. Then Vadaev disappears on a job. But as luck would have it, he has a relative in Helsinki – Viktor Kärppä. The Vadaev family travels there to ask Kärppä for help. Although Kärppä has a generous heart, he also has a bad habit of straying from the straight and narrow. His attempts to bring his businesses onto a more legal footing are just as unsuccessful as in the past: his typical week includes fixing the plumbing for prostitutes, peering in the windows of other people's homes, fixing a theft, and negotiating with cops, a spy, a drug dealer and a slave trader.

Finland, Gummerus
Germany, Lübbe