2009 Souvenir from Moscow
Orig. title: Tuliaiset Moskovasta

In Rönkä's fifth novel, Viktor Kärppä gets involved in a large-scale backroom deal whilst doing business at the start of the recession. The deal seems to have something to do with the visit to Finland of Russian President

Viktor's common-law wife, Marja, has opened a nursing home and Viktor keeps busy renovating the Finnish lakeside holiday homes of rich Russians. At a business meeting in Petroskoi, Viktor meets an old army mate, Vronski, whose contacts might prove useful in his own business operations. Instead of helping Viktor, Vronski gets him involved in a backroom deal that proves too big and far too scary. Viktor refuses to cooperate with Finland's civilian intelligence service. Instead, he sets about finding out who was responsible for dragging him into the operation. This experience has shown him that you cannot trust even your closest friends.

"Using a variety of elements, Rönkä manages to produce a relaxed, expressively written novel that the reader can identify with. Rönkä has provided a new eastern dimension to the Finnish detective story, and this latest book shows us what interesting stories and themes can be created thanks to this new dimension."
Helsingin Sanomat

Finland, Gummerus