2013 Levanti's Viper
orig. Levantin kyy

Levanti’s Viper concludes Matti Rönkä’s acclaimed and award-winning Viktor Kärppä series. In the last part, the past won’t leave the man with a killer’s face at peace. Kärppä walks through the rooms of melancholy and finally, in his own backyard, he finds a viper whose sting is lethally poisonous.

Summer is budding and a children’s party is taking place in a Helsinki garden. Viktor Kärppä, the Ingrian jack of all trades, has adjusted to Finnish life after ten years. Family life is good and business is running smoothly. Building provides him with work while his arresting forest plot in Karelia could provide wood to sell to Ikea for particleboard.

However, Kärppä’s colourful past pains him and every now and then he is asked for protection help or to shed light on seedy businesses. A gang of immigrant youths is spreading a reckless threat in his own neighbourhood. Darja arrives in Helsinki as well: a girl with a taste for danger.

Finland, Gummerus