2015 Eino
orig. Eino

Matti Rönkä’s novel, Eino, tells the story of 90-year-old Eino, whose incipient memory disorder worries his grandson Joonas. Soon Joonas notices that the disorder is probably the least worrying one of all the things that concern grandpa’s mind. Although the present cannot be controlled by Eino, his youth is bright in his mind and, in his memories, he returns to the last days of the Continuation War. That is where Eino has a life and a wife waiting for him at home, but returning and readjusting are difficult.
Eino is a novel about war, seen through the eyes of three generations. The book is about unexpected and unreasonable choices, which we are not prepared to make, and the consequences of which will follow us throughout our lives. It is a novel about old age and the reconciliation that everyone must do with themselves.


"Eino could rise to become a nominee of literary awards. The novel appears to be a literary bull's eye; it has not been written half heartedly." Ilta-Sanomat

"Matti Rönkä's new branching is a surprising, memorable read. Eino’s story is an excellent accolade to the ordinary Finnish man, to our war-surviving generation and to our unique memories that disappear so
quickly to the flow of time." Kaisa Reetta T / blog

"Eino is a piece of refreshingly traditional prose, written in a professional manner, that does not create an unnecessary fuss or resort to gimmicks." Savon Sanomat

Finland, Gummerus