2007 The Block
Orig. title: Pölkky

Rimminen’s second novel The Block is a story about a park attendant in Helsinki, whose inability to do anything renders the narrator extremely excited. The narrator has fallen in love with his own storytelling skills and civilized manners so much that even the most insignificant move by the park attendant is shared with the readers. Rimminen’s second novel is breathtakingly funny and its language is pure genius.

"The main character in Rimminen’s The Block is a loner, isolated and afraid. The narrator tries to patch up the main character’s shortcomings by showering him with all the love he can fit into his words. And with Rimminen’s writing style, the words can accommodate a lot.
The result is a novel that is not only a spectacular showpiece of the writer’s skills but also a touching description of loneliness and a gently humoristic justification of humanity.” Keskisuomalainen

The Block continues Mikko Rimminen’s brilliant art of narration in which style is the centre of the narrative. The vivid language holds the reader’s attention and the omniscient narrator keeps everything together by his extremely detailed language. Rimminen manages to create suspense while he describes walking on the streets or a floating snow flake. He does this by concentrating on details instead of the bigger picture.” Turun Sanomat

"The gentle humour stems from the unreasonable expansion of the tiniest details and people who find the small everyday life a huge effort.” Aamulehti

Finland, Teos