2013 Tag
orig. Hippa

Tag is a story about two brothers who aim to work as movers under the tight leash of their mother, who appears to be managing an antique store but who has, in fact, become involved with a shady crowd.

After an unlucky moving spell, the brothers find themselves on a completely different work stint, albeit holding similar jack-of-all-trades positions as they did previously as well. The old Ford Transit is loaded with mentally handicapped individuals and fateful young women. From the windows of the scruffy minibus, Helsinki and the Uusimaa region appear merely as circumstances. In turn, the tyre hall that has landed in the hands of master criminals due to the late father’s debts is constantly amidst some blight or threat.

Despite everything, the brothers love each other in a way that only brothers can: by words and fists. Due to their intoxicated states and lack of skills, they also end up damaging some of the work commissioned by people far too dangerous.

Mikko Rimminen is one of the most gifted writers of modern literature in Finland. Tag is his fourth novel. His previous novel, Red Nose Day, was awarded the acclaimed Finlandia prize.

Finland, Teos