Author: Milja Kaunisto
Milja Kaunisto (born 1976) is an author and a musician. She is at her happiest in her home in south-France, enjoying the ringing of the evening bells, the sound of children racketing about and the scent of delicious food floating in the air. When writing historical novels, Kaunisto explores the mechanisms of power and their influence on people, and ponders how history repeats itself without never learning from its mistakes. Deluxe is her fourth novel.

2016 Deluxe

”Kaunisto describes the venues and the customs meticulously. Kaunisto’s language is rich and salacious, and bodily actions, expecially when they relate to sexuality, are described with a delightful frankness. The flowing story and the natural period depiction of Deluxe give the reader room to observe what has changed in a few hundred years, but especially what hasn’t. The general human characteristics of greed and the desire for power are probably quite recognisable for the most of us. And, above all: what the uneven distribution of wealth could lead to.”
- Arla Kanerva, Helsingin Sanomat