Author: Minna Rytisalo
Minna Rytisalo (born 1974) is a high school Finnish teacher by profession. In her work, Rytisalo firmly believes that enthusiasm is catching and dreams are meant to be fulfilled. For years, she has written columns and other literature- and reading-related texts. After 20 years of considering it, she has finally fulfilled her own dream and written a book. As a prose writer she wishes to test at which stage the reader understands how things are meant to go in the world of fiction.


Minna Rytisalo's debut work is an elegant, masterly and touching story for which the Lapland War functions essentially only as a backdrop. On to it Rytisalo projects the fateful coincidences and unconditional emotions which drive the book's characters into the borderlands of right and wrong. From its very first pages, it is clear that Lempi is an unusually significant story. The content is supported by the structure so seamlessly that the reader is barely aware it. Surprises are offered at regular intervals.
- Aamulehti
Lempi is one of those books that appear to have been born lightly, as if the perfect text had simply flowed out through the writer's fingertips to take its final form. It is an effortlessly stylish, complete novel. It is easy to predict prizes, recognition and theatrical adaptations for Lempi. Let us hope that its reception will persuade Rytisalo to continue writing. Such masterly debut novels are rare.
- Savon Sanomat
This family tragedy is skillfully written in the form of a jigsaw, nature is described with astonishing beauty, and human destinies are dictated by instantaneous decisions. This wise novel leaves a long, melancholy aftertaste.
- Me Naiset