orig. Lempi

The Lapland War spins the lives of people around as if it was all a game of roulette. Viljami is forced to leave his newlywed wife home with the maid and head to the battlefront. All three of them must take the opportunity and live with the decisions made in a spur of a moment. Love supports, destroys and turns into guilt.

Lempi is three individuals’ testimonial of a family tragedy that took place during the Lapland War. With its confident grip, the debut novel ties Viljami, Elli and Sisko’s stories together and shows how we never see one another as whole beings – the supporting characters of our stories are the protagonists in their own lives.

Minna Rytisalo’s debut novel is tender and strong. It has a strong charge from the first to the last page. Lempi is an expressive tale about people wounded by love and of how coincidental life really is.

Finland, Gummerus
Lithuania, Alma Littera


"The feelings of the seekers of their own roads in Rytisalo's delicate fabric are timeless, placeless and completely fresh, as is always the case in the best prose. The novel is ingeniously constructed and the expression astonishingly masterly." Helsingin Sanomat

"The novel's language is incomparable: rich, delicate, strong. Its rhythm is like that of the heart, or of breathing." Sinisen linnan kirjasto ('The blue castle library') blog

"The atmosphere is as calm as that of a lake in the wilderness, but the changes, actions and words cause it to ripple ominously. Rytisalo has succeeded in her attempt, which she has mentioned in interviews, to create tension. It holds readers in its grasp, making them breathe a little faster, conjecture, but always be surprised." Eniten minua kiinnostaa ('What interests me most') blog

Rights sold:
Finland Gummerus
Norway, Pax
Germany, Hanser Verlag
LIthuania, Alma Littera