Author: Pauliina Rauhala
Pauliina Rauhala (b. 1977) has an MA from Oulu University and works as a Finnish teacher. She lives in the northern city of Oulu with her husband and three sons.

Rauhala’s debut novel Heavensong (orig. Taivaslaulu) captivated the Finnish reading public and was the most read and talked about book of 2013. Heavensong has sold over 40,000 copies and holds the distinction of being the publisher’s best-selling debut novel. The novel was awarded the Christian Book Prize and the Kaarle Prize. It was also chosen by literature bloggers as the best book of Finnish fiction of 2013.

2013 Heavensong

“Heavensong is the freshest, most beautiful and most touching love story I have read in years.”
- Kotivinkki
“Heavensong is an important opening about women’s rights and a tear-inducing, moving description of family.”
- Me Naiset