Author: Risto Isomäki
Risto Isomäki is a well-known author, science editor and environmental activist. He has worked on several international projects in Africa and India. He has published numerous non-fiction books on environmental affairs, development cooperation and the third world.

Isomäki’s fiction titles can be described as science fiction or ecological thrillers. They combine solid scientific expertise and research-based facts with fantastical future visions, typical of science fiction. Isomäki awakens his readers to the effects of activities that change and destroy man’s environment. We see this in his acclaimed books of which The Sands of Sarasvati was nominated for the Finlandia prize in 2005. This book also received the Thank you for the book medal in 2006, awarded annually by libraries and book shops.

Despite the scientific approach, Isomäki is a master of expressing his message in a way that is accessible to the reader, always designed to reach a wider audience.


The book discusses important factors. In fact, the factors are so important that it should be compulsory reading for all world's parliamentarians and major corporation board members. The novel is given extra gravitas by the fact that Isomäki bases his books mostly on genuine research. His imagination weaves them into a powerful vision. The Sands of Sarasvati will scare the reader more, and for longer, than your average thriller.
- Länsi-Uusimaa