2007 Lithium 6
orig. Litium 6

March 1954: The United States is conducting a new kind of nuclear test in the Bikini islands. The resulting radio nuclear fallout is more lethal than anything that has gone before. A Japanese fishing vessel is caught underneath the cloud of ash, and inhabitants of a coral island five hundred miles away are taken ill.

Near future: The cooling system modules stored in the cellar of a Japanese office block are stolen. At the same time, a French nuclear power plant notices the loss of one hundred and eighty grams of plutonium.

Alarm bells are ringing in the United States’ special Anti-Terrorism unit. Telephone calls made eight years earlier link these two incidents. Gradually Colonel Kenneth Andrews and a Finnish citizen, Lauri Nurmi, have sufficient evidence to prove that the United States may be threatened with a nuclear attack. The terrorists are building a large doomsday weapon which would create a radio nuclear cloud capable of enveloping an entire continent, causing destruction in its wake.

Iranian scientist Julia Noruziak is bothered by this game of nuclear power plants. Why do its pieces not fit in any way?

Lithium 6 is an eco-thriller that raises to the forefront one subject which is important to the future of the planet. What would happen if the world started to fight global warming with a worldwide adoption of nuclear power stations? How clean would energy generated by fusion reactors actually be? What about Lithium 6, used as fuel by the fusion power plants? Is it the harmless isotope that the public is led to believe? The novel combines facts and fiction - especially those facts related to nuclear technology which a little while ago would have been classified as top secret.

“Risto Isomäki has managed a rare achievement – a techno thriller which has both a moral backbone, and something so say. The book is an ideal combination of thought-provoking material and tough action.”

“Risto Isomäki has once again managed to weave a storyline that makes the reader gasp for breath and, after finishing the book, think to himself: 'why are they doing this? Why not do things differently, in a safer way?' The weight of facts inevitably tilts the scales towards the 'must read' direction.”
Ruumiin kulttuuri

Finland, Tammi (Bonnier)
Germany, Lübbe
Poland, Kojro
English world-wide, Amazon