2009 God’s Little Finger
orig. Jumalan pikkusormi

Lauri Nurmi, familiar to us from Lithium 6, is sent to Africa to secure a new kind of energy project, which will heat up the environment, and annoy the competition. In the Egyptian Sahara, a massive solar-wind energy generating plant juts towards the sky. Its sheer size leaves all existing inventions in the energy production field looking insignificant. As a bonus, it can prevent desertification, and offers a solution to global warming. The power plant site has attracted an international body of workers and experts, paid for by a German financier. The surrounding locals regard this with contempt.

Major corporations building nuclear plants elsewhere are not going to be left playing second fiddle whilst the new generation super plant is being completed, nor are locals who depend on oil for their livelihoods.

The financier can sense this tension, and so to safeguard his plant, he hires the man with the most experience, Lauri Nurmi. In Egypt, Nurmi and his sparring partner, Katharine Henshaw, collide with a strange multifaceted culture, and a stagnant threat which oozes from the Sahara – more intimately and differently than he had ever envisaged.

In God’s Little Finger, Risto Isomäki develops his energy scenarios using fictitious methods, with focus on solar energy. He weaves skilfully the facts, which he mastered in his previous role as a science editor, with the speed and dangerous situations created by him as an author. In this instance, Lauri Nurmi needs, in the eye of the storm, his extensive knowledge of African history, culture, and the violent conflict of its various religions in order to reach a peaceful means to solve the impending conflict.

Finland, Tammi (Bonnier)
Germany, Lübbe
Poland, Kojro