2014 Shadows of the Kurgan
orig. Kurganin varjot

Millions of lives are in danger if the impending disaster on the Black Sea becomes a reality. Is there anything that can be done?

The bottom of the Black Sea. Priceless shipwrecks amidst dark emptiness. A deadly world that could, upon emergence to the light of day, ruin all life.

Marine biologist Irina Tšerkassova and her husband Alex are at an archaeological excavation site near Rostov. Alex investigates magnificent ancient burial mounds, kurgans, and is determined that there is yet another untouched tomb around the site. As if he could think like the inhabitants of the marshes thousands of years ago. Before long Irina receives a mysterious emergency call from her colleague Juri: ”The painter of Callao has come for a visit.”

Risking their lives, Irina and Juri take to the seas to solve the riddle, praying that they are wrong. The Black Sea is undergoing an extreme ecological change, although scientific calculations suggest such a change could not even be possible. The worst-case scenario is that millions of people are in imminent danger.

Risto Isomäki’s thriller, set in the near future, presents us with a horrific view of a massive ecodisaster. Tricky situations in extreme circumstances become entangled around the story told by the Kurgans: a tale of the belligerent occupants of ancient Eurasian marshes, whose perspectives of the world still fatally influence our ways to act and to think.

Finland, Tammi (Bonnier)