2016 The Buried Threat
orig. Haudattu uhka
An ISIS attack to Finland – an action thriller set in the near future. The Independence Day reception organised by the President of Finland is dramatically suspended due to the violent vomiting of the guests and general chaos. In a matter of few days, the majority of the main decision-makers in Finnish politics die of radiation poisoning. ISIS threatens entire Europe with a series of similar strikes unless its demands on following Islamic laws are accepted.

It is soon revealed that a large load of used nuclear fuels has gone missing. A time bomb is ticking, for nuclear waste can be directly used to manufacture radiation weapons. To resolve the conundrum, Lauri Nurmi, an expert in international terrorism and radiation weaponry not avert to action, is brought forward. But how should he stop the terrorists, whose radiation tracks are pursueed by all of Europe’s police forces but who no one has even caught a glimpse of?

Pages: 436
Publisher: Tammi (Bonnier)
Published: September 2016