Author: Roope Lipasti
Roope Lipasti (b. 1970) is a multi-talented, professional wordsmith and father of four, well known as a writer, journalist, scriptwriter, blogger and columnist. He writes for Finland’s leading newspapers and magazines, pens sketches for television and radio, transcribes company histories and has worked as a copywriter.

His humoristic blog Pihalla (“Flummoxed”) observes everyday people and the anomalies in their lives, and has gained great popularity and a faithful readership. Putkiremonttiooppera (“The Plumbing Opera”), libretto written by Lipasti, saw its premiere in the Turku Concert Hall in January 2011. Lipasti’s second novel Naapuri (“The Neighbour”) was published in spring 2012 by Atena Publishing House. Lipasti graduated as a Master of Philosophy from Turku University where he read literature, theoretical philosophy as well as film and television science. He lives with his family in Lieto near Turku.


“Lipasti’s everyday observation about the different phenomena of life and his self-voiced analyses make the book incredibly entertaining but also profoundly smart. I constantly feel like writing down or at least underlining some of Lipasti’s man-size thoughts. However, Lipasti does not trumpet this wisdom nor does he place himself above his characters. The text radiates unbelievable warmth.”
- Etelä-Saimaa