2014 Good Old Official Virtanen
orig. Kunnon virkamies Virtanen

There is an uproar in the Governance Building of the Central Union: Finland has declared war on the Union! Luckily, the mysterious President of the Union has been clever enough to invite a good old Finn, Virtanen, to negotiate peace. And so, Virtanen attempts to get and audience with the President. But as the twists of bureaucracy keep getting stranger and the officials in the Government Building keep getting weirder, reaching the target is easier said than done.

Good Old Official Virtanen is a hilarious satire about the European Union and bureaucracy: in the depths of the Governance Building, Virtanen encounters peculiarities such as the Union’s money pipe, which is used to pump money into different regions of the Union; a form, the filling of which is harmful for the writer’s health; and the Union’s Secretary General, whose army is only a theoretical one…

Virtanen previously appeared in Lipasti’s previous novel The History of Virtanen, which was released in 2012 and adapted into a radio play by the Finnish national broadcasting company, Yleisradio.

Finland, Karisto