2015 The Viking Knot
orig. Viikinkisolmu

The Viking Knot is an exciting, historical adventure for children. It is a story about Vilja of Castle Hill, the Viking boy Egil and the orphan boy, Pekko, and the friendship they share. Vilja lives by the sea, on the sheltered Castle Hill, during a time when Vikings still roar on the seas of the world. After Vikings attack the village, they leave behind an injured boy who Vilja and her friend Pekko rescue. But what should Vilja and Pekko do with the boy? Hide him, or reveal him to the adults? Egil is the enemy, but could he also be their friend?

The Viking Knot is a tale about friendship beyond enemy lines and about the wisdom of children. The story is a work of fiction, but the places where the events take place are real. The author says: “Castle Hill exists. A long time ago, the Vikings attacked it. Now people have even found a silver treasure from the area. The hill is located near the city of Turku in Western Finland. It had people living on it, and probably even a little fort sometime over a thousand years ago. The hill – or perhaps it should be called a steep cliff – hid within it the tips of old Viking arrows, so the Vikings may have attacked it once. During that time, the sea reached the hill, so it was a good place to defend yourself against intruders. Nearby, there is a field where a large silver treasure was found in 1898. It contained nine-hundred silver coins that had been hidden there around the year 1060. The treasure was stashed inside a birch bark dish, further covered by a clay dish. Perhaps it was a merchant who hid it there.”

Finland, WSOY
Italy, Feltrinelli