2013 Nymphs - The Legend of Montpellier
orig: Nymfit - Montpellierin legenda

Full moon rises above the small town and Didi, 16 years, makes love to her boyfriend for the first time. As a result, the young man dies. Didi is heart-broken and confused. She can not understand why her beloved boyfriend died. The next morning Didi meets two women, intriguing and strong, Cathy and Nadia. They reveal to her that she is a nymph and in danger. If wrong persons get on the heels of Didi, she and the other nymphs will be destroyed.

Cathy and Nadia force Didi away from her home and family and start learning her how to survive as a nymph in a modern society. The most crucial lesson in the life of a nymph is to make love with a man every time the moon is full. The difficulty is not to attract men, but to learn how to make love without killing the lover during the act.

Little by little Didi also learns know more about the life of her protectors, Cathy and Nadia. Both are nymphs who have escaped from the tyranny of the satyrs to live on their own among ordinary mortals. They believe that Didi is the fabled nymph who, according to legend, will lead the other nymphs to their freedom. Things don’t get any easier when Didi begins a mad, forbidden love affair with an ordinary mortal, Samuel. Like in the ancient tragedies, nothing good ever comes out of a relationship between divine beings and mortals...

Rights sold:
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Norway, Improba (Juritzen)
Germany, Fischer KJB
France, Presses de la Cite
Italy, Sperling & Kupfer
Spain, Espasa (Planeta)
Portugal, Planeta
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