2014 Nymphs - Astarte's Knot
orig. Astarten solmu

A year has passed since the lunar eclipse. Didi has a new life and a new identity: Destinie Doulloin lives in a student flat in Budapest and lives in a wild relationship with Samuel Koski. Cathy attempts to bring up Matilda Van der Haas and lead her towards the future foretold for her, but educating the selfish teenager is easier said than done. Nadia’s goal is to live her dream in Montréal. She works hard on international gene research.

By chance, Didi meets the therapist of her teenage years, Karoliina Lahti. She warns Didi of a divine creature that has been molding a nymph to be the perfect object of his desires: “You must end your relationship with Samuel or the wrath of Gods will be upon you.” Karoliina is brutally murdered before Didi’s eyes, and the nymph is forced to ask Cathy and Nadia’s help. Little by little, Didi discovers that no one is what she thought they’d be – not even she herself.

Finland, Gummerus
Germany, Fischer KJB
Portugal, Planeta
Poland, Galeria Książki
Thailand, Post Publishing
Korea, He Korea Econimic Daily