Author: Tiina Raevaara
Tiina Raevaara (born 1979) is an acclaimed author who has written short stories, novels and a non-fiction book. Her short story collection I don’t feel you beside me (2010) won the acclaimed Runeberg literature prize in 2011. Her short story Ospreys (2006) won the Martti Joenpelto short story competition. Several of her short stories have been translated and her novel My Creator, My Creation – a delicately touching modernisation of Frankenstein – was published in The Best European Fiction 2013 anthology.

Raevaara completed her PhD in genetics at the age of 26. She has written scientific articles for several esteemed newspapers and magazines. She is active in societal discussions and gladly debates her science-based world perspective against belief-based views. Raevaara’s blended family includes her husband and five children, as well as their large black dog.

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