2015 Deny The Night
Johannes, a 23-year-old man leading a quiet and small life in Helsinki, meets up with his friend, Antti, after a long time. Antti’s sister Aalo, the love of Johannes’s adolescence, has committed suicide five years ago but Johannes is unable to forget her. In the meeting, Antti announces that he is going to kill Mr. Sandvall, the owner of a pharmaceutical factory and the man who plunged Aalo to her death. Johannes doesn’t know how to react to Antti’s senseless plan when Antti asks for his help.

Before Johannes knows it, he is forcibly dragged in on the plotting. Mr. Sandvall is killed in obscure circumstances and Johannes is told that he is the murderer. Events seem to be manoeuvered by the incoherently behaving Antti and a monster, the Sandman of nightmares, who steals people’s eyes. And as if this was not bizarre enough, Johannes embarks on an intimate relationship with Mr. Sandvall’s doll-like wife, who does not seem to mourn over her dead husband. The true nature of the surreal events is revealed to Johannes only when everything is over – and Aalo’s secret fate is discovered.

Deny the Night is a novel with an atmosphere that is horror-romantic, suspenseful and even scary at times, yet the book remains within the boundaries of realism and reaches for the noir-tone of the detective tradition. It is set in the streets of Helsinki, which are portrayed as either dark and threatening or bright and beautiful, depending on the occasion.

Deny the Night was inspired by ETA Hoffman’s (1776-1822) famous novel, The Sandman.

Finland, Paasilinna

2015 Deny The Night